Stupid Hurts

I spotted this scruffy yellow Honda near the small town of Jamesville, North Carolina during a five-day loop around Washington DC.  The bike’s owner approached while I was taking this picture.  To explain myself, I told him that I really liked his original, Frankenstein-style repair.

He simply said,  “Stupid hurts.”

Those two words bounced around my head for the rest of the trip.



Meeting Ricki Bedenbaugh

“Suddenly I noticed the metal rollup door and the rope hanging from it!” (continued from my previous post)

IMG_4101       IMG_4100

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended the beautiful short film, “Solus”.

Now, in the the workshop of Lossa Engineering, I found myself on the set!  The rollup door is an iconic visual and audio element in the film.  It rises squeakily to release Lossa’s custom SR500 into the night.  Watch the video a few dozen times like I have, and you’ll understand my excitement at this discovery.  I mentioned it to Jay LaRossa.  He said, “Stick around, Ricki Bedenbaugh (the filmmaker) is on his way over.”



Lossa Engineering


Jay LaRossa
Founder, Lossa Engineering

Steve Jobs would love Jay LaRossa’s business card.  It has the feel and finish of an ace of spades James Bond might turn over in Monte Carlo.  Jobs knew that customers imputed quality to Apple products due to consistently great first impressions created by the company’s advertising, product brochures and packaging.  The clean graphics, creamy-off-white stock and satin finish of Jay’s card set high expectations for the ultra-sanitary custom motorcycles that he builds.

Jay is the founder of Lossa Engineering in Long Beach, California.  I visited Lossa on impulse, popping in without an appointment.  Jay was cordial.  We chatted for fifteen minutes as he showed me some recently finished bikes.  They were perfect…from concept to fasteners, polish to paintwork.   Jay was casual,  generous with his time and did no prospect-qualifying.  He simply invited me to look around the showroom and even into Lossa’s production shop.


Shinya Kimura–A Strong, Clear Vision


Aluminum–under the influence of the artist’s clear vision

Shinya Kimura and Ayu welcomed me to Chabott Engineering in Azusa, California.  We’d met at the “Festival of Thump” at Deus Ex Machina two weeks earlier, and they’d graciously invited me to visit.  I’ve been Shinya’s fan for a long time. He is the founder of Zero Engineering and the originator of what’s called “Zero-Style”.  Many in America first saw his work through his appearance on Discovery TV’s “Biker Build-Off” in 2005.  The book, Zero Chopper Spirit, beautifully documents his builds in Japan before he moved to California in 2006.  Ayu writes as “Menacing Ayu” the stalker, as she tracks Shinya’s day-to-day activities on