Rocket Ships I Love

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I’m going back to DC for a while to work on rockets…so I can afford the rocket ship above next spring.
Consequently, this blog is going into ‘intermittent-update-mode’ until next summer.  Subscribing is the best way to catch new posts when they happen.


Reptile Games…or Stories that Resonate


“Go Team!”

I watched the Seahawks/Colts game last Sunday and found it depressingly similar to watching current American politics.

When one side fumbles, half the stadium (or country) erupts with mad cheering.  When the opposing quarterback is sacked, the other half of the stadium (country) celebrates like lunatics.  Sports and politics are bruising, partisan, usually-mindless, zero-sum games.  They excite our reptile brains.  My berserk cheers and boos reflect little more than my home address or political habit.  This causes no harm in sports…but we’re on our way to wrecking the country as America’s future gets fumbled and kicked around.


Elvis Helped Me Lose 14 Pounds

Zig Ziglar taped a picture of a Jockey shorts model to his refrigerator (“They don’t pick chubby fellas for that job”).
Elvis on a Triumph scrambler works even better.IMG_5585