Rome on the Potomac


We enjoy a narrow view of the Capitol building.
A light on top indicates when those inside are up to no good.

Rosalie and I have loved the big departure from our quiet life on San Juan Island during the past six months of living and working in Washington DC.  Here we enjoy easy access to every kind of restaurant, the world’s best museums, theater, concerts, “Blues Alley”, interesting public speakers.  The powerful come and go loudly in motorcades or helicopters.   In a couple of months we’ll return home with many memories.

The DC area is booming.  New office buildings, apartment complexes and shopping malls are shooting up on every point of the compass.  Tower cranes dot the horizon.  Expensive real estate, crowded restaurants, exotic cars (usually stuck in traffic)–even my short-term job here–all demonstrate the sick fact that, while America’s economy continues in distress, there’s been no recession around its capital.