I Finally Got It!


Waiting for me at Ride West


In the ferry line for the first time

I flew to San Juan Island for a short visit–my first return home in over six months.  It was a brief reminder of my former idyllic life.

I had an appointment.  A float plane and taxi delivered me to Ride West BMW in Seattle.   After much tire kicking and discussions involving many BMWs over the years, Roman finally made a sale.  Three months earlier, he and I negotiated a deal from opposite coasts on a thirtieth-anniversary-edition K1300S.  During its production and shipment from Germany, interest in this striking, limited production model grew, and Roman quietly accepted three back-up deposits on ‘my bike’ while we waited.

After completing the paperwork, I prepared for my first ride.  I was more than a little intimidated by the bike’s 175 horsepower.   With the saddlebags packed and myself psyched, I released the clutch for the first time, about as I would on my boxer, and stalled the engine!  It has a light flywheel.

My trip home produced other discoveries, chiefly that this rocket ship is stable, predictable, and utterly confidence-inspiring.  In the next few days I rode it around our little island a bunch of times, finding that this bike really wants a longer road.  With my return to DC approaching, I set out on the beautiful, 400-mile Cascade Loop to get better feel of the bike.