Prescott, Arizona

Life is funny.  In my last blog post I described visiting Prescott, Arizona for the first time.  After 8 months of playful discussions, a decision, a home purchase and an eventful move, Rosalie and I now live…er,…’here’ while retaining a summer base on San Juan Island.  I’ll resume my long-suspended blog by describing part of the adventure.

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Rosalie was the pathfinder, taking one vehicle to meet the moving van in Prescott.  Three weeks later, cousin Mark and I, the San Juan Island closeout team, boarded a predawn Washington State ferry.  Mark’s classic mid-eighties station wagon pulled two bikes on their new motorcycle trailer.  My one-ton truck pulled a 20′ utility trailer.  I struggled more than anticipated to keep up with Mark in the mountain stretches of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  A truck scale later revealed that my combined rig weighed over 20,000 lb!  (more…)