On this morning’s ride around Prescott, I reflected, as I often do, on a motorcycle’s strangely powerful allure.  My K1300S is more beautiful, more engaging and far better performing than virtually anything with four wheels.

Then I saw this ’59 Stingray Racer concept car on the Velocity channel.  Now I want to find a body kit to drop onto my underused ’92 Corvette.


The Stingray Racer was designed by Pete Brock and Bill Mitchell in 1959 and became the basis for GM’s second generation (mid-year) Corvette Sting Rays introduced in 1963.  The mid-year corvettes are my–and many people’s–favorites.  The Stingray Racer, clearly the inspiration for the production cars, is much more elegant (the real-world cars, unfortunately, needed bumpers and a top).  In 1965, Fiberfab of Sunnyvale CA produced a handful of the bodies, called the Centurion, as the basis for kit cars.  GM understandably, squelched the project.


59-Chevy_Corvette-Stingray-Rcr-DV-08_PBC-051959-Corvette-Sting-Ray-Racer-s01-1600If I made a full-sized plug, I wonder if my friends at Air-Tech would produce a fiberglass body.  I could sell them through Carpe Moto.  Government Motors might today appreciate a reference to a time when the company had some association with a desirable car.