images-9Remember a certain personality type from high school?  Fussy, bossy, self-absorbed, controlling…you know, aspiring politicians.  images-7The less gifted of these future public servants would become middle managers happily devising new government rules, forms and functions.  The least endowed would fulfill their humble destinies by enriching our experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Their bureaucratic utopia comes darkly to life in the horrifying 1985 film, “Brazil”.


Kicking Off 2016

Prescott does a western take on the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square.  Instead of dropping an 11,875 lb Waterford crystal ball, Prescott drops a paper mâché cowboy boot.

Scores of US cities drop balls…or oranges, or tangerines or strawberries.  Other dropped objects include:  A stuffed goat (Falmouth, PA), A live opossum (Brassville, NC), A sausage (Elmore, OH), A conch shell (Key West, FL), A red crab (Easton, MD), A 600 lb Moon Pie (Mobile, AL), A Liberty Bell (Allentown, PA), A guitar (Memphis & Nashville, TN).

The use of a descending object as a time signal originated in the United Kingdom in the early 1800s. (more…)