The Hidden Life of the Cell

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ve re-posted a video from 2013 for its imagination-transforming power, its pertinence to last week’s post and (excuse my holiday shortcut) because I’m spending the long weekend in Tucson with Rosalie.


This was probably inevitable


Terrain-Following Worship Missile


Explore the Cosmos…Fast

Epiphany at Zion  On this second morning of a four-day, autumn loop around the Grand Canyon, I am blown away, cobwebs gone, in open-jawed wonder in Zion National Park.  Our purpose is to be creation’s audience, wrote Pulitzer-winner Annie Dillard (my paraphrase).

That a short-lived speck of ectoplasm like me has a place, much less a purpose, to evaluate, assess or contribute anything to Zion’s soaring towers carved a sand-grain at a time over mind-numbing eons, seems ridiculous…especially so as I look upward from deep shadow to sun-bathed slabs and spires.  But that’s my story:  Our place, job and duty is to appreciate a meaningful world and recognise our special place in it.