The Mound Builders

The prehistoric earthworks at Newark, Ohio cover almost five square miles…the largest ancient monument in the world.  Over one hundred such earthworks were built over five centuries by mysterious early Americans.

Reconstructed effigy pipe

“My father has received many honors.  Today’s will be the greatest.  Flickering light and choking smoke filled the ceremonial house.  My eyes watered as his bones blackened, then cracked and settled deeper into the coals.  Only inches below the clay-lined fire pit lay the ashes of his father.  If the monuments I build prove worthy, my son will one day stand where I stand.  He will hold my stone pipe, my most intimate possession, home of my animal spirit; source of visions and wisdom…as today I hold my father’s.  His will never be smoked again.  When his funeral fire was kindled, I broke it.”