My cousin Mark has a thing for the GT750, and I may have caught the bug from him.  Suzuki produced the GT750 from 1971 to 1977.  The bike was innovative in several ways.  Some hit.  Some missed.  It was the first water-cooled motorcycle from Japan.  For that it got the nicknames of ‘Water Buffalo’ in the US and ‘Kettle’ in Britain.  Today, almost all big-displacement bikes are water cooled.  It was a two stroke.  Today, almost no bikes are two stroke.  It was also a triple; an early member of a small and still quirky club.


The engine is the focal point of any motorcycle.  This one’s got bigger-than-life character.


“Motorcycle Classics” has a typically informative review of the bike.  “Visor Down” also writes on the Suzuki GT750.

Suzuki GT750 – Endurance Racer

King of the (frozen) Lake  Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat and other snowmobile makers have extensive production and racing experience with water cooled, two stroke, triples, arguably the apex engine configuration for that sport.  If someone could induce one of them to cram a modern two stroke into a bike chassis with current brake and suspension technology, I’d be pretty interested.