Today was the final day of the BMW International Rally in Salt Lake City.  It was a great event thanks to tireless work by its organizers.  Unfortunately, it was also memorably hot, topping 100 degrees each day and lingering over 80 well into the evenings as fairground campers tried to sleep.

Mornings were pleasant, but by afternoon, all the shady spots–the beer garden in particular–were crowded.  Evaporative cooling vests sold out fast.  Many resorted to cowboy air conditioning–a wet bandana around the neck.  Electrically-heated vest sales were slow.

It was 100 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon, so I decided to skip the final outdoor ceremony despite the prize drawing.  The summer sun was still high in the sky and the dish-shaped, unshaded, shiny aluminum grandstands looked too much like a jumbo solar oven.

A Few of the Folks

I enjoyed meeting Jim Elliott (left), a neighbor from Paulden, AZ

And Dave Homer from Ontario, Carpe Moto contributing photographer

And LeRoy, long-haul trucker and inventor of the motorcycle swamp cooler

Fred Rau persuaded a roomful of us that New Zealand is the ultimate motorcycle touring destination

Jim Elliott and brother Steve helped set up and faithfully manned the K 1600 Forum tent

K 1600 Forum

Many of the six-cylinder sub-tribe showed up there for shade and fellowship

A Few of the Bikes

Thousands of BMWs in one place–parking lots were an important part of the show.

Cherry units got special attention         (solar oven visible top left)

Bikes in the vintage hall–all another year older

The mighty, pioneering K-1

The beautiful R100RT and other timeless classics

And custom bikes

A quirky favorite of mine

And another.  Wow!

A Few of the Shirts

Typically dorky local news coverage:

Thousands gather in Salt Lake City for weekend motorcycle rally