Our home with its view of the river in the tony Skydeck neighborhood

“It’s taken several years of political maneuvering and favors, but my wife and I are moving up in the world.  We’ve persuaded Tuzigoot’s head honcho and the pueblo housing committee to approve our move to the most desirable neighborhood in town.  The perfect home became available last week when a great uncle stepped off a cliff.  Thanks to our careful preparations, it was quickly decided that his widow should move out to stay with her oldest son and that we should move in!  

We’ll never tire of our prestigious new address and our new home’s sweeping views of lush corn, squash and bean fields irrigated by the Verde River.  We’ve planned a small sunset party to get better acquainted with our new neighbors.”

Cousin Cousin Mark and I got up early and rode twisty Highway 89A over Mingus Mountain taking turns on the K-bike and the GS.  Our first stop was breakfast in Jerome, a quirky mining town discovered by hippies in the 70’s.  Our second stop: Tuzigoot National Monument.

Named Tuzigoot by modern archaeologists, this hilltop pueblo east of Clarkdale, AZ, was home to a few hundred Sinaguan people from 1,000 to 1,400 AD.  No one knows what they called this place or themselves, nor do we know how its 110 dwelling spaces were allocated.  Nothing is recorded (outside the atomic registers of the universal archive), but human nature being pretty constant, my micro-story may be about right.

The central religious or civic space, a two-story structure crowning the summit, was reconstructed in the 1930’s

(many years later…) “We still enjoy living in the swanky Skydeck neighborhood, but we didn’t quite anticipate the extra climb required for food, water and other routine chores, especially as we’ve begun to get older.  We still love the view, but our southern exposure makes the house a little hotter in the summer than our old place.  Our neighbors, unfortunately, have never been very friendly.  Unaccountably, they seem kind of stuck up.”