Pistons’ Song

My dad made a little flip book to show me how internal combustion worked.  When he fanned a dozen pages, I saw a little movie of a piston, connecting rod and crankshaft moving in the familiar reciprocating pattern.  Keith was an engineer and probably enjoyed giving me the lesson.  I later became an engineer too.

Internal combustion has enjoyed a daft, glorious, whimsical and murderous hundred-plus years of technology dominance.  Yet, consider the quirkiness of it; the improbability that cars & motorcycles (& boats & airplanes) would be propelled by a noisy, ripple-fire of EXPLOSIONS:  “Bang…..bang…..bang…..    (“Faster”) bang,bang,bang,bang,bang…..    (“Pin it!”)    bababababababababababababbang!”

Consider further:  FERMENTED DINOSAURS provide the gunpowder!

We’re so familiar with all this that we forget that it’s completely nutty!