SPOT Test in Arizona’s Rim Country


SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

I enjoy taking long motorcycle trips on my own.  I like to set my route and schedule as I go without needing a conference to see what everybody wants to do.

To give Rosalie (and me) added peace of mind during these trips, I recently bought this KTM-colored SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

You’re invited to participate in my first trial.

I’ve rented my usual ‘Fat Bob’ from Chester’s Harley Davidson in Mesa Arizona.  I plan to amble around the northeast corner of Arizona, spending several days over the weekend at Rosalie’s family reunion in Alpine, AZ.  The seven-day trip starts Thursday morning, June 13th.   You can help test this new technology by following my progress at CarpeMoto Track.

(6/24/13)–As a track is maintained on the above SPOT public page for only 7 days, the screen shot below illustrates the tracking feature.


San Juan…Diego


San Luis Rey de Francia

Curiously smooth and uniform clouds slid by like migrating flatworms 10,000 feet below my window seat.  Rosalie and I were flying up the coast to San Juan Island after two busy weeks in San Diego.  We’d reflected on these names after a visit to Mission San Luis Ray in Oceanside.  Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaíno named the area that’s now San Diego for the Catholic Saint San Diego de Alcalá in 1602.  Francisco de Eliza named the San Juan Islands, Isla y Archiepelago de San Juan to honor his patron sponsor a bit less than two centuries later.   

Spaniards were good at finding nice places…but they never produced much of a motorcycle.