The Smell of Water

We could smell water.  Large cottonwood trees formed a green line above the tan landscape disclosing the winding path of a hidden stream.  This was exactly what we were looking for.  We ducked behind the ridge to avoid being seen.  We talked with excitement and gave...

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GT 750

My cousin Mark has a thing for the GT750, and I may have caught the bug from him.  Suzuki produced the GT750 from 1971 to 1977.  The bike was innovative in several ways.  Some hit.  Some missed.  It was the first water-cooled motorcycle from Japan.  For that it got...

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Prescott’s Tragedy

The wind had increased and radically changed direction.  We stopped work on the firebreak, looked down the steep hill and saw the unthinkable.  The wildfire threatening Yarnell, Arizona, previously obscured by smoke, was shockingly close and racing up the draw toward...

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The Mound Builders

"My father has received many honors.  Today's will be the greatest.  Flickering light and choking smoke filled the ceremonial house.  My eyes watered as his bones blackened, then cracked and settled deeper into the coals.  Only inches below the clay-lined fire pit lay...

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