Ricki Bedenbaugh  Filmmaker  See 3/20/13 post 

John Burns  Writer  The funniest motorcycle writing I’ve ever read is John’s banter with a riding instructor after a  track-day encounter.  Read it in UJM’s Rule

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-16-36-amKevin Cameron  Writer  Kevin’s wide-ranging interests and writing skills are on display every month at “Cycle World“.  He’s also on Facebook

I love this quote…made it into a rubber stamp


IMG_3995Shinya Kimura  Custom bike builder  See 3/18/13 post or Chabott Engineering


IMG_4042Jay LaRossa  Custom bike builder See 3/19/13 post or Lossa Engineering



Michael Leeds  Custom car and bike builder  I became aware of Michael’s work through our mutual friend Taine Pyle.  Every one of Michael’s over-the-top hot rods was created while he was stone-drunk on Blastolene.


“Blastolene Special”–it features a Patton tank engine


Fairing for land speed bike

Kent Riches  Bike builder, racer, artist, owner of Air-Tech Streamlining