BMW K 1300S Plate Relocator

$ 20.00

This clean, simple and inexpensive plate relocater eliminates a bunch of gawky plastic.




Stock plastic tail assembly


Plate and light holder


Installed (reflectors not included)

Mounting instructions   Remove license plate.  You’ll see three bolt heads that hold the plastic piece to be eliminated.  You’ll have to contort some to get behind this mess and remove the two nuts (8mm) that hold the light. Save all the hardware to re-use (caution:  the studs in the light housing are just hot pressed into the plastic, the working torque on the nuts is light, maybe 2 ft/lb).

The lamp in the light housing just wiggles out depending on a snug rubber fit.  Do this to enable rerouting the wire.  There are two alligator-type clips that the light wire is tie-wrapped to.  Depending on how you route the wire you may need to adjust these. They can be removed but watch not to damage the wire as they really bite the plastic. I suggest you cut the wire loose before you move the clip.

After removing the three bolts, and the unwanted plastic stuff is off, bolt on the new relocater plate.  Mark the two angled pieces of plastic that stick down and, using a hack saw blade, cut them off level to the ground. The plastic cuts easily and a blade alone will do it.  Sand the edges smooth.  If you ever want to go back to stock, you’ll never notice the pieces missing.

Bolt on the lamp housing routing wire either on the outside to the left or under the plate relocater.

Insert the lamp.  You’re looking cool and–bonus–still legal!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x .2 in


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