BMW R1200R Fairing Version 1 (with separate screen)

$ 600.00

The BMW R1200R is BMW’s “naked” model, but to me it looked too naked.  So I designed a small fairing to suit my own tastes in function and style.  The fairing reflects the distinctive lines of the R1200R model years 2007-2014.  It fits no other bike.

Other R12R riders admired the prototype and bought copies.  I’m now having it professionally laid-up by California-based Airtech-Streamlining, America’s leading producer of motorcycle bodywork.  Buyers have been uniformly impressed with the fairing’s design, craftsmanship and performance.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Full refund if the fairing is returned in as-new condition (you’ll just pay shipping)

Please call Scott for further information at:  360-317-6857 (PST)






The Zero Gravity windscreen now mounts inside the fairing (unlike as in my prototype photos above).

I’d previously tried four different windscreens (the standard BMW R12R Sportscreen,  BMW’s larger aftermarket screen, and two Cee Baileys) without finding the performance I wanted.  The three bigger screens diminished the bike’s looks and created significant turbulence around my neck and helmet (half-way through a 2,000 mile trip, sick of the noise and buffeting, I took the Cee Bailey off and strapped to my pannier).  This slippery little fairing takes wind pressure off my torso while my helmet is in nice, smooth air.  I’ve also been pleased with an unexpected but noticeable improvement of the bike’s handling in crosswinds.



Recent customer riding the Tail of the Dragon below (photograph by


Another customer’s bike in rainy Portland

Early customers have been uniformly impressed with the fairing’s design and performance.

Painting   Because of my recent move to Arizona, I’ve lost my painting capability.  The fairing comes unpainted in white gelcoat    Light sanding before and after primer coat is standard painting practice.  All BMW factory colors are available from ColorRite–expensive, but they deliver a great match.

Windscreen  The Zero Gravity windscreen is provided (available in Light Smoke or Dark Smoke).  Windscreen and fairing are match-drilled and nylon fasteners are provided.

Brackets and Fasteners  All brackets and fasteners to securely mount the fairing are provided.  Unlike any other R1200R fairing on the market, no mounting fasteners show.  This adds some cost but results in a super clean look.

  img_4897  img_4896  img_4900

Call Scott for further information and to order at:  360-317-6857 (MST)


Two versions have evolved (I couldn’t stop tinkering).  Version 1 (above) has a separable acrylic windscreen.  Version 2 is a one-piece fairing with similar look and aerodynamics (see next product)


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 18 in


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